Dich Palle Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List Nizamabad District in Telangana State

Dich Palle Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List 
2014 Nizamabad District in Telangana State 

Dich Palle Shakkarikonda Sainath MPTC BC 9985234525
Dich Palle Anuradha Sarva MPTC BC 9908276144
Dich Palle Mekala Limbadri MPTC BC 9652629505
Dich Palle Pedda Sailu Bollaram MPTC BC 9618927818
Dich Palle Gunda Srinivas MPTC BC 9440480485
Dich Palle Nallavelli Laxmi MPTC BC 9703025086
Dich Palle Nagapuram Praveen Goud MPTC BC 9959705470
Dich Palle Shakunthala MPTC BC 9704580873
Dich Palle Oddem Savitha MPTC BC 9440069684
Dich Palle Boosa Pedda Sayanna MPTC BC 9949459951
Dich Palle Suvarna Kuturu MPTC BC 9704108785
Dich Palle Shaik Hussaian MPTC MINORITY 9705611200
Dich Palle Shaik Saleem MPTC MINORITY 9849979948
Dich Palle Salla Payal MPTC OC 9908049511
Dich Palle Ramadevi Errabola MPTC SC 9440603196
Dich Palle Kaddooram Ravi Kiran MPTC SC 9010240569
Dich Palle Lalitha Rathod MPTC ST 9989811819
Dich Palle Anu Lambani MPTC ST 8985614603
Dich Palle Ajmora Babu MPTC ST 9000175832
Dich Palle Lalitha Pathatya MPTC ST 9440438645
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