DOULTHABAD Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers Medak District in Telangana State -


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Monday, January 13, 2020

DOULTHABAD Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers Medak District in Telangana State

DOULTHABAD Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers 2014 Medak District in Telangana State

Village Name Mobile no's
DOULTHABAD Ahmednagar Dara Laxmi Sarpanch 9441212295
DOULTHABAD Ahmednagar P.Saidaabi Upa-Sarpanch 8106478914
DOULTHABAD Ahmednagar Kummari Laxmi Ward member 9912622848
DOULTHABAD Ahmednagar SK.Heemam Bee Ward member 9989386278
DOULTHABAD Ahmednagar Sk.Masathan Ward member 0
DOULTHABAD Ahmednagar Sk.Muniroddin Ward member 9951558437
DOULTHABAD Ahmednagar Sk.Usman Pasha Ward member 9866333535
DOULTHABAD Ahmednagar S.Shayamala Ward member 9603774005
DOULTHABAD Ahmednagar T.Mariyamma Ward member 9908901848
DOULTHABAD Anajipur Kotha Venkamma Sarpanch 9866690950
DOULTHABAD Anajipur Salveru Srinivas Upa-Sarpanch 9490524272
DOULTHABAD Anajipur Ammani Balamani Ward member 7893025805
DOULTHABAD Anajipur Jangam GOuraaiah Ward member 9959573360
DOULTHABAD Anajipur Jodu Narsimlu Ward member 8978840873
DOULTHABAD Anajipur Karreni Yadaiah Ward member 9959069074
DOULTHABAD Anajipur Mungidipally Renuka Ward member 9492912634
DOULTHABAD Anajipur Palle Ramulu Ward member 9491127376
DOULTHABAD Anajipur Rachakonda Yadagiri Ward member 9494059813
DOULTHABAD Anajipur SOmani Nirmala Ward member 9492001759
DOULTHABAD Anajipur Thallapally Latha Ward member 9963320853
DOULTHABAD Ankireddipalli Uppari Thulasamma Sarpanch 9866447521
DOULTHABAD Ankireddipalli P.Veerareddy Upa-Sarpanch 0
DOULTHABAD Ankireddipalli G.Kavya Ward member 0
DOULTHABAD Ankireddipalli G.Nagaraju Ward member 9705444422
DOULTHABAD Ankireddipalli P.Laxmi Ward member 9959031147
DOULTHABAD Ankireddipalli P SWARUPA Ward member 9949674838
DOULTHABAD Ankireddipalli Uppari Narsimulu Ward member 9652798807
DOULTHABAD Ankireddipalli Uppari Sailu Ward member 9618460300
DOULTHABAD Ankireddipalli V Pushpa Ward member 9676847247
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.B) M.D Chand Bee Sarpanch 9849159987
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.B) M.Sunanda Upa-Sarpanch 9908383672
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.B) A.Narsamma Ward member 9704095259
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.B) B.Kavitha Ward member 9999999999
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.B) K.Pushpa Ward member 9999999999
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.B) M.D.Babu Miya Ward member 7382228629
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.B) M.Mallesham Ward member 9949939847
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.B) T.Devendar Ward member 9494876489
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.B) V.Narsimulu Ward member 9490867350
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.J) thupathi yadaiah Sarpanch 8106491985
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.J) kashamaina narsimulu Upa-Sarpanch 9618382001
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.J) ammolla thirupathi Ward member 9618463201
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.J) bomma daniyelu Ward member 9849267229
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.J) durgam laxmi Ward member 9908145361
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.J) indrala rajini Ward member 9908696008
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.J) kompalli ailaiah Ward member 9908061957
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.J) manajigari padma Ward member 8790691887
DOULTHABAD Arepalle(S.J) ramannagari renuka Ward member 7702512682
DOULTHABAD Begumpet TIGULLA LACHAIAH Sarpanch 9989757580
DOULTHABAD Begumpet DACHEPALLY SHANKER Ward member 9866832982
DOULTHABAD Begumpet ENGARI VENKATESH GOUD Ward member 9989293555
DOULTHABAD Begumpet MANKIDI CHANDRAVVA Ward member 8185839102
DOULTHABAD Begumpet MUTTANNAGARI LAVANYA Ward member 9704377986
DOULTHABAD Begumpet MUTTANNAGARI PADMA Ward member 9177635071
DOULTHABAD Begumpet NARRA NAGAMANI Ward member 9866490167
DOULTHABAD Begumpet POKKULA SWAPNA Ward member 9701623682
DOULTHABAD Begumpet POSANI YADAGIRI Ward member 9963148244
DOULTHABAD Chinnamasanpalle Rekula Vijaya Sarpanch 9849822826
DOULTHABAD Chinnamasanpalle R.Durga Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 8978333045
DOULTHABAD Chinnamasanpalle A.Rajaiah Ward member 9966999305
DOULTHABAD Chinnamasanpalle B.Laxman Ward member 9701957890
DOULTHABAD Chinnamasanpalle G.Shyamala Ward member 9505490403
DOULTHABAD Chinnamasanpalle K.Rajavva Ward member 9963216531
DOULTHABAD Chinnamasanpalle S.Buchamma Ward member 8790374251
DOULTHABAD Chinnamasanpalle S.Muthyalu Ward member 9573842851
DOULTHABAD Chinnamasanpalle T.Sathamma Ward member 9505834506
DOULTHABAD Deepayampally Ch.Sathyanarayana Sarpanch 9908648284
DOULTHABAD Deepayampally N.Jairamreddy Upa-Sarpanch 9908383425
DOULTHABAD Deepayampally Ch.Vijaya Ward member 9849663824
DOULTHABAD Deepayampally D.Bhoom Reddy Ward member 9441763630
DOULTHABAD Deepayampally D.Srinivas Ward member 9676954396
DOULTHABAD Deepayampally G.Durgavva Ward member 8096638563
DOULTHABAD Deepayampally M.Renuka Ward member 9640615145
DOULTHABAD Deepayampally N.Suvarna Ward member 9989175438
DOULTHABAD Deepayampally S.Yellavva Ward member 9010254707
DOULTHABAD Dommat MOHANRAO Sarpanch 9666667010
DOULTHABAD Dommat D YELLAVVA Upa-Sarpanch 8897587153
DOULTHABAD Dommat B LAXMI Ward member 9542882579
DOULTHABAD Dommat E RAMULU Ward member 9849984284
DOULTHABAD Dommat G KANAKAVVA Ward member 9676339951
DOULTHABAD Dommat K MANJULA Ward member 9573157789
DOULTHABAD Dommat MD JANGEER Ward member 8790271855
DOULTHABAD Dommat NEELAM LAXMI Ward member 9704035017
DOULTHABAD Dommat N POCHAIAH Ward member 9705466482
DOULTHABAD Dommat P PREMALATHA Ward member 9963391608
DOULTHABAD Dommat P SATYAM Ward member 9912840231
DOULTHABAD Doultabad Adhi venugopal Sarpanch 9441178951
DOULTHABAD Doultabad Gaje bheemkar bhargavi Upa-Sarpanch 9441828341
DOULTHABAD Doultabad Adhi venkateshwaru Ward member 9441178909
DOULTHABAD Doultabad Allala mallava Ward member 8978545729
DOULTHABAD Doultabad Daakola mahesh gaud Ward member 9848484395
DOULTHABAD Doultabad Daasari chandraya Ward member 9705193580
DOULTHABAD Doultabad Karolla yellava Ward member 8179658471
DOULTHABAD Doultabad Kaukuri yaadagiri Ward member 9848466201
DOULTHABAD Doultabad Mahmad saheda begam Ward member 9848465067
DOULTHABAD Doultabad Markanti mallaya Ward member 9701317650
DOULTHABAD Doultabad Muthyamgari lavanya Ward member 8008446451
DOULTHABAD Doultabad Puligari lakshmi Ward member 9704785644
DOULTHABAD Doultabad Puligari rameshgaud Ward member 9849516792
DOULTHABAD Gajulapally B MADHAVI Sarpanch 9494819223
DOULTHABAD Gajulapally K KARNAKAR REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9989373897
DOULTHABAD Gajulapally B BHEEMAIAH Ward member 9177879011
DOULTHABAD Gajulapally B LATHA Ward member 9502284828
DOULTHABAD Gajulapally B RAJA GOUD Ward member 9441125470
DOULTHABAD Gajulapally D.M MANJULA Ward member 8897586911
DOULTHABAD Gajulapally M BHARATHI Ward member 9550288428
DOULTHABAD Gajulapally M SWAPNA Ward member 9177879013
DOULTHABAD Gajulapally P KANAKA RAJU Ward member 9553432018
DOULTHABAD Gajulapally P RAJAIAH Ward member 9908292029
DOULTHABAD Gajulapally P VIMALA Ward member 8008388194
DOULTHABAD Godugupalle R.Srinivas Sarpanch 9866503272
DOULTHABAD Godugupalle M.Yadaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9999999999
DOULTHABAD Godugupalle A.Varalaxmi Ward member 9999999999
DOULTHABAD Godugupalle Ch.Laxmi Ward member 9999999999
DOULTHABAD Godugupalle D.Yadamma Ward member 9999999999
DOULTHABAD Godugupalle M.Mallesham Ward member 9999999999
DOULTHABAD Godugupalle M.Rajamani Ward member 9999999999
DOULTHABAD Godugupalle N.Anjaneyulu Ward member 9999999999
DOULTHABAD Godugupalle S.Swamy Ward member 9999999999
DOULTHABAD Gollapally Ailapuram Lingavva Sarpanch 8187815209
DOULTHABAD Gollapally toorpu laxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9951903035
DOULTHABAD Gollapally dappu kandaiah Ward member 8187815209
DOULTHABAD Gollapally enkollla nagalaxmi Ward member 9704297094
DOULTHABAD Gollapally golenkki narasavva Ward member 8187815209
DOULTHABAD Gollapally kothagolla durgaiah Ward member 9010138393
DOULTHABAD Gollapally peddagolla anthaiah Ward member 9701068601
DOULTHABAD Gollapally pedda kurma navanitha Ward member 8187815209
DOULTHABAD Gollapally popolla maisavva Ward member 9959201498
DOULTHABAD Indupriyal S.Muthyalu Sarpanch 9492005429
DOULTHABAD Indupriyal Narsimha Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9908383346
DOULTHABAD Indupriyal B.Sathaiah Ward member 9701770085
DOULTHABAD Indupriyal DAasari Dhubbavva Ward member 9704718625
DOULTHABAD Indupriyal D.Anasuya Ward member 8500205886
DOULTHABAD Indupriyal Lavanya Ward member 9666714052
DOULTHABAD Indupriyal Medchal LaxmiNarsavva Ward member 9553753077
DOULTHABAD Indupriyal M.Laxminarsaiah Ward member 9553753077
DOULTHABAD Indupriyal P.Kishtaiah Ward member 9666560226
DOULTHABAD Indupriyal S.Babu Ward member 8500205886
DOULTHABAD Indupriyal Vempalli Kalpana Ward member 9676239235
DOULTHABAD Konapur S BALAVVA Sarpanch 9908604281
DOULTHABAD Konapur M MALLAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9704626715
DOULTHABAD Konapur P RADHA Ward member 9177800988
DOULTHABAD Konapur P VENKATAIAH Ward member 9603720216
DOULTHABAD Konapur P YADAMMA Ward member 9603372103
DOULTHABAD Konapur T BABUGOUD Ward member 9705053752
DOULTHABAD Konapur T LAXMI Ward member 8096243436
DOULTHABAD Kothapalle Ch.Sathamma Sarpanch 9603493775
DOULTHABAD Kothapalle N.Sathayanarayana Goud Upa-Sarpanch 9000589441
DOULTHABAD Kothapalle A.Mallesham Ward member 9701820082
DOULTHABAD Kothapalle Ch.Mahesh Ward member 9553491434
DOULTHABAD Kothapalle Ch.Mahesh Ward member 9553491434
DOULTHABAD Kothapalle M.Devisha Ward member 9908901484
DOULTHABAD Kothapalle M.Godavari Ward member 9849075445
DOULTHABAD Kothapalle M.Renuka Ward member 8374789316
DOULTHABAD Kothapalle R.Anjaneyulu Ward member 9640876052
DOULTHABAD Lingaipally Lambadi Bujj Sarpanch 9705970782
DOULTHABAD Lingaipally Banoth Ravi Upa-Sarpanch 9010426831
DOULTHABAD Lingaipally Banoth Laxmi Ward member 9999999999
DOULTHABAD Lingaipally Banoth Vali Ward member 9999999999
DOULTHABAD Lingaipally Goguloth Manki Ward member 9948371341
DOULTHABAD Lingaipally Goguloth Rajamani Ward member 9010221476
DOULTHABAD Lingaipally Goguloth Ravi Ward member 9573893413
DOULTHABAD Lingaipally Gouloth Gopya Ward member 9951541061
DOULTHABAD Lingaipally Gouloth Mangain Ward member 9999999999
DOULTHABAD Lingarajpalle POTHARAJU SARITHA PRAKASH Sarpanch 9550773793
DOULTHABAD Lingarajpalle EMMADISHETTI NARASIMHA Upa-Sarpanch 9963543376
DOULTHABAD Lingarajpalle DYANAMAINA BALAVVA Ward member 9441217209
DOULTHABAD Lingarajpalle EMMADISHETTI RAVI Ward member 9177878894
DOULTHABAD Lingarajpalle MARKANTI KANAKARAJU Ward member 9652595760
DOULTHABAD Lingarajpalle PERUMANDLA PERUMAIAH Ward member 9989807908
DOULTHABAD Lingarajpalle POTHULA BHOLAXMI Ward member 9441217209
DOULTHABAD Lingarajpalle pothula padma Ward member 9963361433
DOULTHABAD Lingareddipalli Bondugula Maheshwari Sarpanch 9618721606
DOULTHABAD Lingareddipalli Gayakodu Narsinga Rao Upa-Sarpanch 9963453243
DOULTHABAD Lingareddipalli Garide Bujjavva Ward member 8374166510
DOULTHABAD Lingareddipalli Gattu Mallavva Ward member 0
DOULTHABAD Lingareddipalli Gundram Suguna Ward member 9848243474
DOULTHABAD Lingareddipalli Kummari Peddolla Vijavva Ward member 0
DOULTHABAD Lingareddipalli Manda Bhaskar Ward member 9948294234
DOULTHABAD Lingareddipalli Surna Sailu Ward member 0
DOULTHABAD Machinpalle Panjala Yadamma Sarpanch 9989171044
DOULTHABAD Machinpalle Sherilla Swamy Upa-Sarpanch 9908894865
DOULTHABAD Machinpalle Bangigalla Nagalaxmi Ward member 9010691876
DOULTHABAD Machinpalle Bokkala Durgaiah Ward member 9640899761
DOULTHABAD Machinpalle Kummari Nagamma Ward member 9908150276
DOULTHABAD Machinpalle Mamilla Ramavva Ward member 9618313329
DOULTHABAD Machinpalle Mamilla Yellaiah Ward member 9963543463
DOULTHABAD Machinpalle Maragoni Swamy Ward member 9542878702
DOULTHABAD Machinpalle Nareboina Sathaiah Ward member 9908425322
DOULTHABAD Machinpalle Sunke Balalaxmi Ward member 9951016736
DOULTHABAD Machinpalle Yelamaina LAxmi Ward member 9652179395
DOULTHABAD Mantoor T YELLAIAH Sarpanch 9849517320
DOULTHABAD Mantoor B BUSHANAM GOUD Upa-Sarpanch 9704628062
DOULTHABAD Mantoor B SATHYANARAYANA Ward member 8897436088
DOULTHABAD Mantoor J BAGIREDDY Ward member 9866572853
DOULTHABAD Mantoor J KISTAIAH Ward member 9849517320
DOULTHABAD Mantoor K BALAMANI Ward member 9704611589
DOULTHABAD Mantoor K YADAMMA Ward member 9959148802
DOULTHABAD Mantoor M CHIRANJEEVI Ward member 9704611498
DOULTHABAD Mantoor MD AMEENABEE Ward member 9618595642
DOULTHABAD Mantoor P YELLAVVA Ward member 9989141644
DOULTHABAD Mantoor V NARSAVVA Ward member 9949022758
DOULTHABAD Mohammed Shapur A GOPALREDDY Sarpanch 9640526363
DOULTHABAD Mohammed Shapur K PURNAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9848988103
DOULTHABAD Mohammed Shapur A BALREDDY Ward member 9640526363
DOULTHABAD Mohammed Shapur D SHANKARAIAH Ward member 9640526363
DOULTHABAD Mohammed Shapur G RATHNAMMA Ward member 9640526363
DOULTHABAD Mohammed Shapur K LAVANYA Ward member 9640526363
DOULTHABAD Mohammed Shapur K NAVEEN Ward member 9640526363
DOULTHABAD Mohammed Shapur K RAJITHA Ward member 9640526363
DOULTHABAD Mohammed Shapur S KEERTHI Ward member 9640526363
DOULTHABAD Mubaraspur B SHIVAMMA Sarpanch 9603279622
DOULTHABAD Mubaraspur JAKKULA LINGAM Upa-Sarpanch 8897873050
DOULTHABAD Mubaraspur CH CHINNALAXMI Ward member 9500896374
DOULTHABAD Mubaraspur CH VIJAYA Ward member 9705586296
DOULTHABAD Mubaraspur D CHANDRAMMA Ward member 9849603966
DOULTHABAD Mubaraspur N VENKATESHAM Ward member 9948150330
DOULTHABAD Mubaraspur P LAXMI Ward member 9989375084
DOULTHABAD Mubaraspur P RAVINDAR Ward member 9951618125
DOULTHABAD Mubaraspur PURNABAI Ward member 9705132013
DOULTHABAD Mubaraspur T SWAMY Ward member 9951576087
DOULTHABAD Mutyampet Pancham Suguna Sarpanch 9963709863
DOULTHABAD Mutyampet Thodangi Gowravva Upa-Sarpanch 9908772798
DOULTHABAD Mutyampet Godugu Nagaraju Ward member 9705571238
DOULTHABAD Mutyampet jangam kanakavva Ward member 9502831337
DOULTHABAD Mutyampet Pancham Lalitha Ward member 9704630643
DOULTHABAD Mutyampet Thodangi Raju Ward member 9553497990
DOULTHABAD Mutyampet Thodangi Swamy Ward member 9989684470
DOULTHABAD Narsampally D.Shyamala Sarpanch 8179961633
DOULTHABAD Narsampally V.Nagaraju Upa-Sarpanch 9866581394
DOULTHABAD Narsampally B.Mangamma Ward member 9705192448
DOULTHABAD Narsampally M.Balamma Ward member 9010189858
DOULTHABAD Narsampally M.Bujjamma Ward member 9951862429
DOULTHABAD Narsampally V.Laxmi Ward member 9912153332
DOULTHABAD Narsampally V.Subadra Ward member 9490722448
DOULTHABAD Narsampally V.Swamy Ward member 9866581393
DOULTHABAD Narsampally V.Yellamma Ward member 9603875975
DOULTHABAD Raipole S SWAMY Sarpanch 9704611020
DOULTHABAD Raipole A RAMYA Upa-Sarpanch 9965560833
DOULTHABAD Raipole CH GANESH Ward member 9666161527
DOULTHABAD Raipole G DAYAKARREDDY Ward member 9177333110
DOULTHABAD Raipole G KANAKAVVA Ward member 9704611020
DOULTHABAD Raipole G MALLESHAM Ward member 9705082866
DOULTHABAD Raipole G NARSIMLU Ward member 9177803026
DOULTHABAD Raipole M KAVITA Ward member 9704611020
DOULTHABAD Raipole M SAILU Ward member 9963464318
DOULTHABAD Raipole M SRINIVAS GOUD Ward member 9848546443
DOULTHABAD Raipole S LAXMI Ward member 9704611020
DOULTHABAD Raipole S SUJATHA Ward member 9704611020
DOULTHABAD Raipole T KAMALAVVA Ward member 9704611020
DOULTHABAD Ramaram M.MAHESH Sarpanch 9948404970
DOULTHABAD Ramaram A.NAGARAJU Ward member 9502291217
DOULTHABAD Ramaram CH.LATHA Ward member 9640829774
DOULTHABAD Ramaram H.ELLAVVA Ward member 9948404970
DOULTHABAD Ramaram N.YADAGIRI Ward member 9963135480
DOULTHABAD Ramaram R.NARSIMLU Ward member 8179615917
DOULTHABAD Ramaram SK.JHANMIYYA Ward member 9948404970
DOULTHABAD Ramaram S.VAJRAMMA Ward member 9492302520
DOULTHABAD Ramaram V.SHYLAJA Ward member 9849774748
DOULTHABAD Ramaram V.SUSHILA Ward member 9989208828
DOULTHABAD Ramsagar Chittamaina Ramavva Sarpanch 8374435315
DOULTHABAD Ramsagar K.Sathaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9949214302
DOULTHABAD Ramsagar Ch.Srinu Ward member 9618464574
DOULTHABAD Ramsagar E.Kalyani Ward member 8374051434
DOULTHABAD Ramsagar G.Kishtaiah Ward member 9441827809
DOULTHABAD Ramsagar K.Muthyalu Ward member 9849732077
DOULTHABAD Ramsagar K.Shyam Rao Ward member 9908892704
DOULTHABAD Ramsagar K.Suguna Ward member 9963543177
DOULTHABAD Ramsagar M.Shyamala Ward member
DOULTHABAD Ramsagar R.Chinna Sujatha Ward member 9959987569
DOULTHABAD Ramsagar S.Laxmi Ward member 9959452258
DOULTHABAD Sheripalli Bandaram Daakuri Navaneetha Sarpanch 9440006785
DOULTHABAD Sheripalli Bandaram Permandla Pentaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9951147640
DOULTHABAD Sheripalli Bandaram Gaddamedi Lavanya Ward member 9959747321
DOULTHABAD Sheripalli Bandaram Gottam Laxmi Ward member 9603266254
DOULTHABAD Sheripalli Bandaram Jakkula Laxmi Ward member 8500465100
DOULTHABAD Sheripalli Bandaram Jakkula Shyamala Ward member 9866340672
DOULTHABAD Sheripalli Bandaram Jallela Swapna Ward member 9177472586
DOULTHABAD Sheripalli Bandaram Jodu Mallesham Ward member 9963543883
DOULTHABAD Sheripalli Bandaram Jodu Naveen Kumar Ward member 9666380687
DOULTHABAD Surampalle CHAINDAM LAXMIBAI Sarpanch 9951055640
DOULTHABAD Surampalle T.LAVNYA Upa-Sarpanch 9441764052
DOULTHABAD Surampalle B LAXMI Ward member 9492114651
DOULTHABAD Surampalle B SAILU Ward member 8978590473
DOULTHABAD Surampalle CH MOHAN Ward member 9441763641
DOULTHABAD Surampalle CH RAVI Ward member 9866511754
DOULTHABAD Surampalle D INDIRA Ward member 9951345507
DOULTHABAD Surampalle M SHANKAR Ward member 9848506242
DOULTHABAD Surampalle NARSAVVA Ward member 9999999999
DOULTHABAD Surampalle T.LAVNYA Ward member 9441764052
DOULTHABAD Surampalle V ASHOK Ward member 9490064808
DOULTHABAD Tenkampet T..MALLAIAHNARSIMLU Sarpanch 9963361175
DOULTHABAD Tenkampet B.GALAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9652471578
DOULTHABAD Tenkampet D.POCHAVVA Ward member 0
DOULTHABAD Tenkampet G.HAMSAVVA Ward member 0
DOULTHABAD Tenkampet K.KANAKAIAH Ward member 9505137033
DOULTHABAD Tenkampet M.KANAKAIAH Ward member 9963568328
DOULTHABAD Tenkampet P.LAXMI Ward member 9704095530
DOULTHABAD Tenkampet .RAJU Ward member 8008042865
DOULTHABAD Tenkampet T.LAXMI Ward member 9704710043
DOULTHABAD Timmakpalli S RAMESH Sarpanch 9440026034
DOULTHABAD Timmakpalli U YADAGIRI Upa-Sarpanch 9908383339
DOULTHABAD Timmakpalli E LAXMI Ward member 9550124501
DOULTHABAD Timmakpalli K BHASKARREDDY Ward member 9908383376
DOULTHABAD Timmakpalli K LAXMI Ward member 9866845852
DOULTHABAD Timmakpalli L NAGARI Ward member 9603194443
DOULTHABAD Timmakpalli M ANITHA Ward member 9951351180
DOULTHABAD Timmakpalli M MALLAVVA Ward member 8106007652
DOULTHABAD Timmakpalli M VENKATESH GOUD Ward member 9849704878
DOULTHABAD Timmakpalli P YADAIAH Ward member 9701150606
DOULTHABAD Timmakpalli S BALAIAH Ward member 9849071549
DOULTHABAD Tirumalapur S.Yadava Reddy Sarpanch 9440940525
DOULTHABAD Tirumalapur N.Rajanarsu Upa-Sarpanch 0
DOULTHABAD Tirumalapur Ch.Bharathamma Ward member 9492830023
DOULTHABAD Tirumalapur chenna Yellavva Ward member 0
DOULTHABAD Tirumalapur Gaddameedi Yellam Ward member 0
DOULTHABAD Tirumalapur Golla Srinu Ward member 9849072130
DOULTHABAD Tirumalapur Janagama Ramesh Ward member 9441125478
DOULTHABAD Tirumalapur Nalka Mallavva Ward member 0
DOULTHABAD Tirumalapur N.Narsaiah Ward member 0
DOULTHABAD Tirumalapur Padala Amrutha Ward member 0
DOULTHABAD Tirumalapur Padala Srinivas Ward member 9553995239
DOULTHABAD Waddepally Ayyagalla Chiranjeevi Sarpanch 9848489349
DOULTHABAD Waddepally M.Praveen Upa-Sarpanch 9666314560
DOULTHABAD Waddepally G.ShakAraiah Ward member 9989784310
DOULTHABAD Waddepally G..Srinu Ward member 9849072130
DOULTHABAD Waddepally K.Yadamma Ward member 9959084461
DOULTHABAD Waddepally N.Kumara Swamy Ward member 7729989417
DOULTHABAD Waddepally P.Lavanya Ward member 9701827904
DOULTHABAD Waddepally P.Yellavva Ward member
DOULTHABAD Waddepally Royyala Suguna Ward member 9666191516
DOULTHABAD Waddepally T.Ramavva Ward member
DOULTHABAD Waddepally T.Sudhakar Ward member 9666316477
DOULTHABAD Yelkal P.VENKATAIAH Sarpanch 9963317959
DOULTHABAD Yelkal T.MALLAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9603334147
DOULTHABAD Yelkal J.SHYAMA Ward member 9573148246
DOULTHABAD Yelkal K.SHIVARAMULU Ward member 8897146411
DOULTHABAD Yelkal T.RAJITHA Ward member 9908075402
DOULTHABAD Yelkal T.RAMACHANDRAM Ward member 9701254699
DOULTHABAD Yelkal T.RUKUNA Ward member 9949430215
DOULTHABAD Yelkal T.SHAMALA Ward member 9701819857
DOULTHABAD Yelkal T.SRINU Ward member
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