NARAYANKHED Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers Medak District in Telangana State -


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Monday, January 6, 2020

NARAYANKHED Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers Medak District in Telangana State

NARAYANKHED Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers 2014 Medak District in Telangana State

Mandal Village Name Mobile no's
NARAYANKHED Abbenda m parvathi Sarpanch 9491801561
NARAYANKHED Abbenda e chinamma Upa-Sarpanch 9440596738
NARAYANKHED Abbenda b hanmavva Ward member 9676054419
NARAYANKHED Abbenda b laksmi Ward member 9493899126
NARAYANKHED Abbenda ch sankar Ward member 9000652423
NARAYANKHED Abbenda jai singh Ward member 9491801561
NARAYANKHED Abbenda kashiram Ward member 9000881937
NARAYANKHED Abbenda malla reddy Ward member 9866600200
NARAYANKHED Abbenda n kavitha Ward member 9959318101
NARAYANKHED Abbenda n pentamma Ward member 9491801561
NARAYANKHED Abbenda r rukmini bai Ward member 9866010429
NARAYANKHED Abbenda veeramma Ward member 9676646573
NARAYANKHED Ananthasagar K.Eshwaramma Sarpanch 9573090007
NARAYANKHED Ananthasagar J.Ramulu Upa-Sarpanch 7893118762
NARAYANKHED Ananthasagar B.Gundaiah Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Ananthasagar CH.Lachmma Ward member 9959508900
NARAYANKHED Ananthasagar CH.Rathnamma Ward member 9701810366
NARAYANKHED Ananthasagar G.Suresh Ward member 9618691277
NARAYANKHED Ananthasagar H.Susheela Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Ananthasagar J.Anjamma Ward member 9618880856
NARAYANKHED Ananthasagar K.Lalitha Ward member 9963932203
NARAYANKHED Ananthasagar K.Ravindar Ward member 9701726863
NARAYANKHED Ananthasagar P.Kistaiah Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Ananthasagar Shobhabai Ward member 9701964612
NARAYANKHED Ananthasagar Svitramma Ward member 9949341633
NARAYANKHED Anthwar P.Nijalingappa Sarpanch 7729814618
NARAYANKHED Anthwar P.Ningamma Upa-Sarpanch 9440827356
NARAYANKHED Anthwar A.Gangushetti Ward member 9492001942
NARAYANKHED Anthwar A.Umarani Ward member 8179623241
NARAYANKHED Anthwar P.Jayashila Ward member 9848330018
NARAYANKHED Anthwar P.Salomon Ward member 7729814618
NARAYANKHED Anthwar P.Sobarani Ward member 9484833001
NARAYANKHED Anthwar P.Vijayakumar Ward member 9989228084
NARAYANKHED Anthwar P.Yohan Ward member 9848330018
NARAYANKHED Chapta(K) Megamala Shetkar Sarpanch 9440881275
NARAYANKHED Chapta(K) Surekhagnanreddy Upa-Sarpanch 9849473311
NARAYANKHED Chapta(K) amruth Ward member 9908380905
NARAYANKHED Chapta(K) Bhumavva Ward member 9652594041
NARAYANKHED Chapta(K) Bikshanayak Ward member 9542845589
NARAYANKHED Chapta(K) Indubai Ward member 9010999109
NARAYANKHED Chapta(K) Laxmi Ward member 9951189676
NARAYANKHED Chapta(K) Laxmibai Ward member 9177912287
NARAYANKHED Chapta(K) Malgonda Ward member 7893861051
NARAYANKHED Chapta(K) Manga Bagyasree Ward member 9652594041
NARAYANKHED Chapta(K) Mukthabai Ward member 9000476097
NARAYANKHED Chapta(K) Peer Reddy Ward member 9553696774
NARAYANKHED Chapta(K) Ravan Nayak Ward member 9848183912
NARAYANKHED Chapta(K) Sakkubai Ward member 9652594041
NARAYANKHED Gangapur T. NARAYANA Sarpanch 9505133773
NARAYANKHED Gangapur P. RAMREDDY Upa-Sarpanch 8008095413
NARAYANKHED Gangapur D. CHANDER Ward member 9959463842
NARAYANKHED Gangapur G. MANIKYAMMA Ward member 9550443171
NARAYANKHED Gangapur J. GNANESHWAR REDDY Ward member 7680087460
NARAYANKHED Gangapur L. MADHU GONDA Ward member 9652405105
NARAYANKHED Gangapur MUTHABAI Ward member 9505777956
NARAYANKHED Gangapur T. CHANDRA BAGA Ward member 9959357728
NARAYANKHED Gangapur V. NAGARANI Ward member 9866329239
NARAYANKHED Hangarga(B) LAXMI BAI Sarpanch 8008115452
NARAYANKHED Hangarga(B) MOSIN Upa-Sarpanch 9666188581
NARAYANKHED Hangarga(B) BASWARAJ Ward member 9490069307
NARAYANKHED Hangarga(B) ESHWARAMMA Ward member 9959508902
NARAYANKHED Hangarga(B) KAMALAMMA Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Hangarga(B) LAXMI Ward member 9652007010
NARAYANKHED Hangarga(B) MALLESH Ward member 9866679913
NARAYANKHED Hangarga(B) MOGULAPPA Ward member 9177073784
NARAYANKHED Hangarga(B) VITA BAI Ward member 9550990074
NARAYANKHED Hangarka(K) m nagshetty Sarpanch 8897138695
NARAYANKHED Hangarka(K) s shoba Upa-Sarpanch 8008096026
NARAYANKHED Hangarka(K) A padma Ward member 9652355071
NARAYANKHED Hangarka(K) B gangu bai Ward member 8897138695
NARAYANKHED Hangarka(K) chang bai Ward member 7893160280
NARAYANKHED Hangarka(K) G narsimlu Ward member 9652400341
NARAYANKHED Hangarka(K) K maruthi Ward member 9177470301
NARAYANKHED Hangarka(K) M mahadevi Ward member 8008811826
NARAYANKHED Hangarka(K) R magli bai Ward member 9989918215
NARAYANKHED Hangarka(K) T thipanna Ward member 9502639503
NARAYANKHED Hangarka(K) V nagamma Ward member 9652594146
NARAYANKHED Hanmanthraopet B. SIDDAIAH Sarpanch 9550433973
NARAYANKHED Hanmanthraopet CH. BETHAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 0
NARAYANKHED Hanmanthraopet ANNAL DESI RAJU Ward member 9949177645
NARAYANKHED Hanmanthraopet B. GANGAMMA Ward member 9052634012
NARAYANKHED Hanmanthraopet B. PARWATHI Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Hanmanthraopet B. PENTAMMA Ward member 9652173084
NARAYANKHED Hanmanthraopet B. RUKMINI Ward member 9701521105
NARAYANKHED Hanmanthraopet ERU LAXMAIAH Ward member 9652401390
NARAYANKHED Hanmanthraopet GOLLA SAILU Ward member 9573091945
NARAYANKHED Hanmanthraopet MACHKURI DATHU Ward member 9958656832
NARAYANKHED Hanmanthraopet MATURI SUSHEELA Ward member 9502830069
NARAYANKHED Jagannathpur Biradar .Sujatha Sarpanch 0
NARAYANKHED Jagannathpur Srinivas reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9948436215
NARAYANKHED Jagannathpur Chennamma Ward member 9553313216
NARAYANKHED Jagannathpur Droupathi Ward member 9703870702
NARAYANKHED Jagannathpur Durgaiah Ward member 9440069871
NARAYANKHED Jagannathpur Manjula Ward member 9393373943
NARAYANKHED Jagannathpur Naresh reddy Ward member 9505969439
NARAYANKHED Jagannathpur Shobhavathi Ward member 9912105780
NARAYANKHED Jagannathpur Susheela Ward member 9553717676
NARAYANKHED Jukal BUJJIBAI Sarpanch 9492306449
NARAYANKHED Jukal SANGAMMA Upa-Sarpanch 9440871043
NARAYANKHED Jukal GANGAMMA Ward member 9705044984
NARAYANKHED Jukal MOHANRAO Ward member 8500056624
NARAYANKHED Jukal NINGAMMA Ward member 8106227958
NARAYANKHED Jukal TULASIRAM Ward member 9505502414
NARAYANKHED Kondapur VITTAL Sarpanch 9542423608
NARAYANKHED Kondapur FAKIRYA NAIK Upa-Sarpanch 9505372926
NARAYANKHED Kondapur BOORIBAI Ward member 9542423609
NARAYANKHED Kondapur GHAMINIBAI Ward member 9553871445
NARAYANKHED Kondapur PARWATHI BAI Ward member 9505372926
NARAYANKHED Kondapur RAMULU Ward member 8897774415
NARAYANKHED Kondapur RAMULU Ward member 9177259662
NARAYANKHED Kondapur TUKARAM Ward member 9949966251
NARAYANKHED Lingapur M TULASI Sarpanch 8008742313
NARAYANKHED Lingapur P NAGAMANI Upa-Sarpanch 8499911668
NARAYANKHED Lingapur CH NARSAMMA Ward member 8790879634
NARAYANKHED Lingapur CH SHANKAR Ward member 9666914141
NARAYANKHED Lingapur G SANGAIAH Ward member 9963886109
NARAYANKHED Lingapur G VIMALA Ward member 9542438917
NARAYANKHED Lingapur K VEERESHAM Ward member 9676617067
NARAYANKHED Lingapur M TULJAMMA Ward member 8877743820
NARAYANKHED Lingapur N ANJAIAH Ward member 9652594161
NARAYANKHED Lingapur V CHENNAMMA Ward member 9440481898
NARAYANKHED Lingapur Y RAJU Ward member 9676717215
NARAYANKHED Madwar devisingh Sarpanch 9866048670
NARAYANKHED Madwar sayamma Upa-Sarpanch 9502923651
NARAYANKHED Madwar ansi Ward member 9866048670
NARAYANKHED Madwar balamani Ward member 9866048670
NARAYANKHED Madwar hamamma Ward member 9866048670
NARAYANKHED Madwar hanmanthu Ward member 9866048670
NARAYANKHED Madwar krishna Ward member 9866048670
NARAYANKHED Madwar manaiah Ward member 9866048670
NARAYANKHED Madwar manemma Ward member 9866048670
NARAYANKHED Madwar paramma Ward member 9866048670
NARAYANKHED Madwar sangaiah Ward member 9866048670
NARAYANKHED Madwar sanjeevulu Ward member 9866048670
NARAYANKHED Madwar vimala Ward member 9866048670
NARAYANKHED Namalimet Santosh Sarpanch 9652958856
NARAYANKHED Namalimet Balamani Upa-Sarpanch 9701726305
NARAYANKHED Namalimet Bulibai Ward member 9550777491
NARAYANKHED Namalimet E.Sailu Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Namalimet MD.Sofi Ward member 9701832344
NARAYANKHED Namalimet P.Durgaiah Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Namalimet Rameshgoud Ward member 9492003901
NARAYANKHED Namalimet Sayava Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Namalimet Susheela Ward member 9948803639
NARAYANKHED Namalimet T.Laxmaiah Ward member 8008803051
NARAYANKHED Namalimet Vittamma Ward member 9440881350
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed APPARAO SHETKAR Sarpanch 9440005896
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed MA NAJEEB Upa-Sarpanch 9440852864
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed B DATTU Ward member 9652379939
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed B MARUTHI RAO Ward member 8500056249
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed CHANDRAKALA Ward member 9440656705
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed D MANOHAR Ward member 9440881032
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed E VENKAMMA Ward member 9553311908
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed FAREEDA BEGUM Ward member 9441746251
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed K DEVAVVA Ward member 9493171311
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed LAXMI Ward member 9390158426
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed P AMBADAS Ward member 9440613504
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed P LACHAMMA Ward member 9440776631
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed P NIRMALA Ward member 9550460190
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed RAMA DEVI Ward member 9441134018
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed SIDDIQHA BEGUM Ward member 9603424383
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed T NAGAVVA Ward member 9441178978
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed UBDI DURGAIAH Ward member 9490514366
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed UPPARI YASHODA Ward member 9440776957
NARAYANKHED Narayankhed U RESHAMA Ward member 9440880874
NARAYANKHED Narsapur Changibai Sarpanch 9440269793
NARAYANKHED Narsapur Shankar Upa-Sarpanch 7674847034
NARAYANKHED Narsapur Auti Byatamma Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Narsapur Chakali Satyamma Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Narsapur Harisingh Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Narsapur Kalpana Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Narsapur Papamma Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Narsapur seethkibai Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Narsapur Shani bai Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Nizampet CH SAIREDDY Sarpanch 9603890961
NARAYANKHED Nizampet BHAGAVAN ISMAIL Upa-Sarpanch 9705550864
NARAYANKHED Nizampet BACHEPALLY PEERAMMA Ward member 9701747434
NARAYANKHED Nizampet BALYANAIK Ward member 9618663713
NARAYANKHED Nizampet BEGARI JAILU Ward member 9666634964
NARAYANKHED Nizampet CHATKULA LAKSHMI Ward member 9491750108
NARAYANKHED Nizampet DARJI VIJAYA Ward member 9490674322
NARAYANKHED Nizampet GOBULA SAVITRI Ward member 9177650846
NARAYANKHED Nizampet KARADI LACHAMMA Ward member 9177929908
NARAYANKHED Nizampet PANDUGA SHANKAR Ward member 9177205628
NARAYANKHED Nizampet SAILU Ward member 9959524814
NARAYANKHED Nizampet VADLA NAGABHUSHANAM Ward member 9177876216
NARAYANKHED Paidpallen K SANDYARANI Sarpanch 9440221271
NARAYANKHED Paidpallen M PADMA Upa-Sarpanch 9866869200
NARAYANKHED Paidpallen B NARSAMMA Ward member 9701830057
NARAYANKHED Paidpallen G ASHWINI Ward member 9640074275
NARAYANKHED Paidpallen G LAXMI Ward member 9704353206
NARAYANKHED Paidpallen ISMAIL BEE Ward member 9701573803
NARAYANKHED Paidpallen M BASAMMA Ward member 8374755120
NARAYANKHED Paidpallen P BASAMMA Ward member 9701726066
NARAYANKHED Paidpallen P SUNITHA Ward member 9701830186
NARAYANKHED Panchagaon Pochamma Sarpanch 8008175113
NARAYANKHED Panchagaon sangamma Upa-Sarpanch 8008175113
NARAYANKHED Panchagaon Beergonda Ward member 9550547486
NARAYANKHED Panchagaon B.Laxmi Ward member 9704419038
NARAYANKHED Panchagaon B.Tharabai Ward member 9550991438
NARAYANKHED Panchagaon D.Mallaiah Ward member 9951863891
NARAYANKHED Panchagaon K.Raju Ward member 9705191259
NARAYANKHED Panchagaon L.Rajaiah Ward member 9573017099
NARAYANKHED Panchagaon P.Muthyali Ward member 9676430275
NARAYANKHED Panchagaon S.Manik Ward member 9704416309
NARAYANKHED Panchagaon Sona Bai Ward member 8106249777
NARAYANKHED Rayalamadugu BAIRI NAGAMANI Sarpanch 9502583704
NARAYANKHED Rayalamadugu BEGARI LACHAMMA Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Rayalamadugu GALIBAI Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Rayalamadugu JINKA SAILU Ward member 7893056618
NARAYANKHED Rayalamadugu KADAVATH BAI Ward member 9440303914
NARAYANKHED Rayalamadugu KAMMARI NARAYANA Ward member 9550043972
NARAYANKHED Rayalamadugu LALITHABAI Ward member 9908174408
NARAYANKHED Rayalamadugu RATHOD SHANTHABAI Ward member 9912072333
NARAYANKHED Rayalamadugu SHATAM NAGAMANI Ward member 7702376840
NARAYANKHED Raykal M ANJAIAH Sarpanch 9949785824
NARAYANKHED Raykal K VITTAMMA Upa-Sarpanch 8966329249
NARAYANKHED Raykal GOPAL Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Raykal JAIPAL Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Raykal KAVITHA Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Raykal K PANDARI Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Raykal K SAYAMMA Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Raykal L SAVITHA Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Raykal SHANKAR Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Rudrar V.Suvarna Sarpanch 9866715702
NARAYANKHED Rudrar Lachamma Upa-Sarpanch 9866715702
NARAYANKHED Rudrar Ba.Ramulubugonda Ward member 9866715702
NARAYANKHED Rudrar Jyothi Ward member 9963479527
NARAYANKHED Rudrar Laxmaiah Ward member 8008800908
NARAYANKHED Rudrar Laxmibai Ward member 9652594101
NARAYANKHED Rudrar Mangali Shankar Ward member 9866715702
NARAYANKHED Rudrar Paramma Ward member 9866700590
NARAYANKHED Rudrar Sangaiah Ward member 9618209438
NARAYANKHED Rudrar Sathyamma Ward member 7702377141
NARAYANKHED Rudrar Shankar Ward member 9652665243
NARAYANKHED Sanjivanrao Pet K.Nirmala Sarpanch 9440938766
NARAYANKHED Sanjivanrao Pet N.Ramulu Upa-Sarpanch 9493680320
NARAYANKHED Sanjivanrao Pet A.Manjula Ward member 8985302653
NARAYANKHED Sanjivanrao Pet A.Narsaiah Ward member 8500306974
NARAYANKHED Sanjivanrao Pet B.Musthaf Ward member 9492004219
NARAYANKHED Sanjivanrao Pet B.suvarna Ward member 9490927185
NARAYANKHED Sanjivanrao Pet D.Vittamma Ward member 9550303955
NARAYANKHED Sanjivanrao Pet G.Kamlamma Ward member 9441989055
NARAYANKHED Sanjivanrao Pet K.Nagamani Ward member 9000136327
NARAYANKHED Sanjivanrao Pet K.Yesamma Ward member 9441989055
NARAYANKHED Sanjivanrao Pet M.Ramulu Ward member 9959612804
NARAYANKHED Sanjivanrao Pet s.ambaiah Ward member 9848558634
NARAYANKHED Sanjivanrao Pet U.Pochaiah Ward member 9440663918
NARAYANKHED Satyagama md Gulam rasul Sarpanch 9573836761
NARAYANKHED Satyagama P.Vittal Upa-Sarpanch 9177862651
NARAYANKHED Satyagama A.Raji reddy Ward member 9948993326
NARAYANKHED Satyagama B.Vereesham Ward member 9949360108
NARAYANKHED Satyagama CH.Ramavva Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Satyagama G.Nagamani Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Satyagama G.Sangamma Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Satyagama M.anjamma Ward member 0
NARAYANKHED Satyagama T.Yadagiri Ward member 9966331856
NARAYANKHED Turkapalli KUMMARI PARAMESH Sarpanch 9966436999
NARAYANKHED Turkapalli M. MALI BAI Upa-Sarpanch 9494858309
NARAYANKHED Turkapalli B. SAILU Ward member 9866188708
NARAYANKHED Turkapalli CH. BALAMANI Ward member 9502987274
NARAYANKHED Turkapalli C. SULOCHANA Ward member 7732087149
NARAYANKHED Turkapalli D. SUBASH Ward member 8096001795
NARAYANKHED Turkapalli M. BHOJYA NAIK Ward member 9989796554
NARAYANKHED Turkapalli M. DASHARATH Ward member 9550433987
NARAYANKHED Turkapalli M. RAJEE BAI Ward member 9505361775
NARAYANKHED Turkapalli P. NAGAMANI Ward member 9640487855
NARAYANKHED Turkapalli U. PARAMESH Ward member 9705282348
NARAYANKHED Venkatapur RUHEENA FIRDAS Sarpanch 9553639964
NARAYANKHED Venkatapur SAROJI BAI Upa-Sarpanch 7702868916
NARAYANKHED Venkatapur BAKSHA NAIK Ward member 9951485044
NARAYANKHED Venkatapur BEGARI SAVITHRI Ward member 9492303431
NARAYANKHED Venkatapur CHAKALI SHANKER Ward member 8106062007
NARAYANKHED Venkatapur DODLA NARSAMMA Ward member 9490388704
NARAYANKHED Venkatapur GAMINI BAI Ward member 8801122408
NARAYANKHED Venkatapur HIRU BAI Ward member 9010528902
NARAYANKHED Venkatapur MEER SUZAHITH ALI Ward member 9493938716
NARAYANKHED Venkatapur PALLE ANITHA Ward member 8985893545
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