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Monday, January 20, 2020

REGODE Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers Medak District in Telangana State

REGODE Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers 2014 Medak District in Telangana State

Mandal Village Name Mobile no's
REGODE Chowderpally SHAMAIAH Sarpanch 9701054395
REGODE Chowderpally SHADUL Upa-Sarpanch 9701054395
REGODE Chowderpally ALGE JAYAMMA Ward member 9701054395
REGODE Chowderpally BOINE GANGAMMA Ward member 9701054395
REGODE Chowderpally MALKAMOLLA ASHOK Ward member 9908020653
REGODE Chowderpally MANDA ANJAUAMMA Ward member 9701054395
REGODE Chowderpally M ANJAIAH Ward member 9441067415
REGODE Chowderpally M RAMESH REDDY Ward member 9959564181
REGODE Chowderpally Y ANJAMMA Ward member 9908020653
REGODE Devnoor V. PAPAIAH Sarpanch 9440231956
REGODE Devnoor G. LINGAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9010668061
REGODE Devnoor A. ANJAIAH Ward member 8466819627
REGODE Devnoor A. IRFAN Ward member 9912626096
REGODE Devnoor B. ANJAMMA Ward member 9951823952
REGODE Devnoor B. BASHUMIYA Ward member 9618060726
REGODE Devnoor CH. NAGAMANI Ward member 9866872968
REGODE Devnoor CH. SUSHEELA Ward member 9948061211
REGODE Devnoor D. VITTAL Ward member 9440261956
REGODE Devnoor E. YASHODHA Ward member 9640957293
REGODE Devnoor H. MALLAMMA Ward member 9989341956
REGODE Devnoor M. CHANDRASHEKAR Ward member 9989867579
REGODE Devnoor T. BUDEMMMA Ward member 9440261956
REGODE Dosapalle mangali laxmi Sarpanch 9949656730
REGODE Dosapalle m.laxman nayak Upa-Sarpanch 9705617051
REGODE Dosapalle b hanmanthu Ward member
REGODE Dosapalle g malgonda Ward member
REGODE Dosapalle g mallamma Ward member
REGODE Dosapalle k anja goud Ward member
REGODE Dosapalle maroni bai Ward member
REGODE Dosapalle m narsamma Ward member 9705835084
REGODE Dosapalle n shankar nayak Ward member
REGODE Dosapalle s gamli bay Ward member
REGODE Dosapalle v kesli bai Ward member
REGODE Dudiyal P LALITHA Sarpanch 9705821974
REGODE Dudiyal J CHANDIBAI Upa-Sarpanch 9963103080
REGODE Dudiyal CHAKALI VITTAL Ward member 9701882687
REGODE Dudiyal GOLLA MALLAIAH Ward member 9550939830
REGODE Dudiyal GORYANAIK Ward member 8096732887
REGODE Dudiyal NAZEEMBEGAM Ward member 9705821974
REGODE Dudiyal PAGA KASHAMMA Ward member 9705821974
REGODE Dudiyal PALTE SHANKER Ward member 9704988269
REGODE Dudiyal PATRI SANJIVULU Ward member 9773991472
REGODE Dudiyal RAMAVTH LAXMIBAI Ward member 9949783179
REGODE Dudiyal SINGITAM SHANKRAMMA Ward member 9705483936
REGODE Gojwada Munnuri.Kishan Sarpanch 9963511021
REGODE Gojwada Bandari Sailu Upa-Sarpanch 8179141281
REGODE Gojwada Atimyala Sanjivulu Ward member 9676305979
REGODE Gojwada Erukala shobha Ward member 9963511021
REGODE Gojwada Erupula Durgamma Ward member 9676534954
REGODE Gojwada Kalali.Shirisha Ward member 9959789716
REGODE Gojwada Konamyatari Lachamma Ward member 9963511021
REGODE Gojwada Konda Saireddy Ward member 9618834261
REGODE Gojwada Kummari Tukkamma Ward member 9963511021
REGODE Gojwada Regode Badrappa Ward member 7893405051
REGODE Jagriyal P LAXMI Sarpanch 9701304654
REGODE Jagriyal J NARSIMULU Upa-Sarpanch 9000653309
REGODE Jagriyal A ESHWARAMMA Ward member 8008408138
REGODE Jagriyal A NAGAPPA Ward member 9494988177
REGODE Jagriyal BANU BEE Ward member 8897946775
REGODE Jagriyal B VITTAMMA Ward member 9701304654
REGODE Jagriyal SADAQ ALI Ward member 8374876848
REGODE Jagriyal Y BETHAIAH Ward member 9177878447
REGODE Jagriyal Y SATYAMMA Ward member 9000653457
REGODE Khaderabad P RAMESH Sarpanch 9989449939
REGODE Khaderabad R RAMREDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9618223526
REGODE Khaderabad A SUBASH Ward member 9959343667
REGODE Khaderabad B CHANDRAMMA Ward member 9989449939
REGODE Khaderabad D VEERESHAM Ward member 9849634430
REGODE Khaderabad K RAJAMMMA Ward member 9866737120
REGODE Khaderabad MD AJIMODDIN Ward member 8179786928
REGODE Khaderabad MD BEKKU Ward member 9949176092
REGODE Khaderabad M LAXMI Ward member 9618223526
REGODE Khaderabad N LAXMI Ward member 9618223526
REGODE Khaderabad T KISTAMMA Ward member 9618223526
REGODE Khaderabad U SHANTHA Ward member 8897674410
REGODE Khaderabad V SURESH Ward member 9652356075
REGODE Kondapur J DARSHAN Upa-Sarpanch 9618047767
REGODE Kondapur H SHANKAARAIAH Ward member 9866734650
REGODE Kondapur J DARSHAN Ward member 9866734650
REGODE Kondapur J SANGAMMA Ward member 9866734650
REGODE Kondapur L SEETHABAI Ward member 9989978738
REGODE Kondapur M JENNIBAI Ward member 9866734650
REGODE Kondapur M LAXMI Ward member 9959982701
REGODE Kondapur M SWAROOPA Ward member 9949213397
REGODE Kondapur SHAMAMMA Ward member 9866734650
REGODE Kondapur T ANJAIAH Ward member 8497973378
REGODE Kondapur T DARSHAN Ward member 9704390476
REGODE Kothwalpalle MACHUKURI RAVINDAR Sarpanch 9177664917
REGODE Kothwalpalle VADLA.BRAMMIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9652767479
REGODE Kothwalpalle Begari.Manemma Ward member 8985557871
REGODE Kothwalpalle CHEVELA SAVITREE Ward member 8185098541
REGODE Kothwalpalle KUKATLAPALLY SAILU Ward member 9704651371
REGODE Kothwalpalle Lambadi seetabai Ward member 9959801247
REGODE Kothwalpalle Mala vijayarao Ward member 6996342409
REGODE Kothwalpalle nerudi Usaiah Ward member 9502121290
REGODE Kothwalpalle Tumkula Rukkamma Ward member 8790762698
REGODE Lingampalle G. Sumantha Sarpanch 9441763705
REGODE Lingampalle A Shankaraiah Upa-Sarpanch 9573940715
REGODE Lingampalle B Laxman Ward member 9676546818
REGODE Lingampalle k Nagamma Ward member 9652709149
REGODE Lingampalle K Subhash rao Ward member 8106246332
REGODE Lingampalle M Bagamma Ward member 9908182714
REGODE Lingampalle Md Ayub Ward member 9989441832
REGODE Lingampalle Naziya Ward member 9000494485
REGODE Lingampalle N Pulamma Ward member 9618065290
REGODE Marpalle s VINODA Sarpanch 9491681939
REGODE Marpalle J NAGAMANI Upa-Sarpanch 9704760547
REGODE Marpalle B NARSIMLU Ward member 9493708454
REGODE Marpalle B SAMAIAH Ward member 9676713192
REGODE Marpalle CH SWAPNA Ward member 9963304548
REGODE Marpalle CH UMADEVI Ward member 9866695256
REGODE Marpalle G NARSIMLU Ward member 9908091791
REGODE Marpalle N BHASIREDDY Ward member 9441786575
REGODE Marpalle P NAGAMMA Ward member 9908153521
REGODE Marpalle R MAHESE Ward member 8008388695
REGODE Marpalle Y ANUSUJA Ward member 9502560364
REGODE Medikunda L.MEGILIBAI Sarpanch 9912502359
REGODE Medikunda P.MANAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9505234689
REGODE Medikunda B.AMRUTHRAO Ward member 9912502359
REGODE Medikunda E.BAGYALAXMI Ward member 9912502359
REGODE Medikunda G.BALAIAH Ward member 9912502359
REGODE Medikunda K.ASHOKGOUD Ward member 9000132880
REGODE Medikunda K.BHUDEMMA Ward member 9640686719
REGODE Medikunda K.VITAMMA Ward member 9505058114
REGODE Medikunda L.ANSIBAI Ward member 9949051371
REGODE Medikunda P.ANJAIAH Ward member 9701545058
REGODE Medikunda P.SAKKUBAI Ward member 9013100765
REGODE Nirjipala P SARASWATHI Sarpanch 9705547838
REGODE Nirjipala B YADAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9010083216
REGODE Nirjipala CH ANJAMMA Ward member 7702169323
REGODE Nirjipala G RUKKAMMA Ward member 9502078759
REGODE Nirjipala K YADAIAH Ward member 9640570822
REGODE Nirjipala M SHAMAIAH Ward member 8790652721
REGODE Nirjipala PEDDAMADIGA PRABHU Ward member 9959417465
REGODE Nirjipala U SANGAMMA Ward member 9502078759
REGODE Nirjipala V SHIVANILA Ward member 9848426071
REGODE Pyararam M.POCHAMMA Sarpanch 8790723414
REGODE Pyararam V.SHANTHAMM Upa-Sarpanch 9490244170
REGODE Pyararam B.NIRMALA Ward member 8008813391
REGODE Pyararam E.MASAMMA Ward member 9550038440
REGODE Pyararam M.RAJARAO Ward member 9502947687
REGODE Pyararam P.BHASAIAH Ward member 9963782488
REGODE Pyararam P.SUSILAMMA Ward member 9652919423
REGODE Pyararam T.SUJATHA Ward member 9704377392
REGODE Pyararam V.DHAVED Ward member 8374012305
REGODE Regode K.Sunitha Sarpanch 9440533721
REGODE Regode T.Manaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9573599194
REGODE Regode Andhole Anjaiah Ward member 1233112331
REGODE Regode Begari Peeramma Ward member 9999999999
REGODE Regode Chakali Nagamma Ward member 7878787878
REGODE Regode Edigi Ramulamma Ward member 9959034293
REGODE Regode Guvvala Indu Ward member 9494981695
REGODE Regode Kadala Sailu Ward member 8897862096
REGODE Regode Katike Maibu Ward member 9618757027
REGODE Regode Namlilmet Satyamma Ward member 1234567890
REGODE Regode Nazeema Begum Ward member 8888888888
REGODE Regode Sangi Yadaiah Ward member 9704737250
REGODE Regode S.Ramulu Ward member 9676688434
REGODE R Itikyal G.Dondi Rao Sarpanch 9177937199
REGODE R Itikyal E.Veneela Upa-Sarpanch 9676610012
REGODE R Itikyal B.Durgaiah Ward member 9959721129
REGODE R Itikyal E.Mallappa Ward member 9951894118
REGODE R Itikyal G.Ramulu Nayak Ward member 8897492805
REGODE R Itikyal L .Suseela Ward member 9160808155
REGODE R Itikyal S.Siddamma Ward member 8008811656
REGODE R Itikyal T.Bhoolaxmi Ward member 9701079860
REGODE R Itikyal T.Vittal Rao Ward member 8464877900
REGODE R Itikyal V.Narsimlu Ward member 8008218783
REGODE R Itikyal V.Pochamma Ward member 8106253600
REGODE Saipeta Y.Veerasham Sarpanch 9652958838
REGODE Saipeta G.Ramulamma Upa-Sarpanch 9000649036
REGODE Saipeta A.Chandrakala Ward member 9704365381
REGODE Saipeta A.Laxmi Ward member 8790853222
REGODE Saipeta B.Manemma Ward member 8106856306
REGODE Saipeta N.Narsamma Ward member 9573758965
REGODE Saipeta P.Eshwarappa Ward member 8978090753
REGODE Saipeta S.Gopal Ward member 9666637929
REGODE Saipeta Y.Mohan Ward member 9010905861
REGODE Sindole A YADAIAH Sarpanch 9949229235
REGODE Sindole M VINODHA Upa-Sarpanch 9959416817
REGODE Sindole GOPANPALLY PRAKASH Ward member 9493595300
REGODE Sindole KUMMARI BAGAMMA Ward member 8790457963
REGODE Sindole MACHUKUARI NARAYANA Ward member 8008029755
REGODE Sindole MARAGONI CHANDRAGOUD Ward member 9704647527
REGODE Sindole MYATARI DASATHAIAH Ward member 9490934957
REGODE Sindole MYATARI YESAMMA Ward member 8106647689
REGODE Sindole NARAJOLA. LAXMIBAIBAI Ward member 9705543168
REGODE Sindole OGGU SAYAMMA Ward member 9908941654
REGODE Sindole RUDRARAM NARSIMULU Ward member 9573076454
REGODE Usrikpalle Bagili Surekha Sarpanch 9849567421
REGODE Usrikpalle Manthuri Nagamma Upa-Sarpanch 9866395540
REGODE Usrikpalle Battala Olaiddin Ward member 9866395540
REGODE Usrikpalle Dakuri Vittamma Ward member 9652976707
REGODE Usrikpalle MAdgi Yadaiah Ward member 9000648620
REGODE Usrikpalle Manthuri Nagamma Ward member 9866395540
REGODE Usrikpalle Penda Chandraiah Ward member 9951863803
REGODE Usrikpalle Putti Thuljamma Ward member 9849567421
REGODE Usrikpalle Thalari Vittal Ward member 9849567421
REGODE Usrikpalle Vaggu Mallaiah Ward member 9573897321
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