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Monday, January 20, 2020

TEKMAL Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers Medak District in Telangana State

TEKMAL Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers 2014 Medak District in Telangana State

Mandal Village Name Mobile no's
TEKMAL Achannapalle S.Pushpamma Sarpanch 9347556537
TEKMAL Achannapalle Nilagai Gangamma Upa-Sarpanch 9542496754
TEKMAL Achannapalle Akkula Laxmi Ward member 9959399160
TEKMAL Achannapalle Devagiri kistamma Ward member 7673995833
TEKMAL Achannapalle Devasuth Ambi Ward member 9705446330
TEKMAL Achannapalle Dharaboina Rajaiah Ward member 9989474887
TEKMAL Achannapalle Katrath Pentya Ward member 9490063055
TEKMAL Achannapalle Nirudi Pochaiah Ward member 9849183749
TEKMAL Achannapalle Ramavath Ravi Ward member 8985557278
TEKMAL Achannapalle Ramavath Sravanthi Ward member 8497966923
TEKMAL Achannapalle Thudumu Papaiah Ward member 8978083491
TEKMAL Bardipur Erukala Narsimlu Sarpanch 8464838944
TEKMAL Bardipur M.Srisailam Upa-Sarpanch 9948248404
TEKMAL Bardipur D.Laxmi Ward member 9573673047
TEKMAL Bardipur E.Manjula Ward member 9705851185
TEKMAL Bardipur G.KIstaiah Ward member 9492913722
TEKMAL Bardipur K.Padma Ward member 9951507683
TEKMAL Bardipur M.Betaiah Ward member 9948341071
TEKMAL Bardipur N.Nirmala Ward member 9542422721
TEKMAL Bardipur P.Sailu Ward member 9493227628
TEKMAL Bodaget H.SAYAMMA Sarpanch 9912758073
TEKMAL Bodaget Kurma Mallaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9908757187
TEKMAL Bodaget Karre Manemma Ward member 9908643882
TEKMAL Bodaget M.Anjamma Ward member 9908848608
TEKMAL Bodaget M.Ramulu Ward member 9573564666
TEKMAL Bodaget Sayagoud Ward member 9959034620
TEKMAL Bodaget T Ramulu Ward member 9912758073
TEKMAL Bodaget Vadde Radhamma Ward member 9912551142
TEKMAL Bodaget Yerra Padma Ward member 9676686229
TEKMAL Bodmatpalle K.Beerappa Sarpanch 9640284825
TEKMAL Bodmatpalle K.Swarupa Upa-Sarpanch 9963277183
TEKMAL Bodmatpalle G.Laxman Kumar Ward member 9849326207
TEKMAL Bodmatpalle G.Vittal Goud Ward member 9492306236
TEKMAL Bodmatpalle K.laxmi Ward member 9190107806
TEKMAL Bodmatpalle MD.Jameer Ward member 9441424236
TEKMAL Bodmatpalle M.Shamamma Ward member 9666556651
TEKMAL Bodmatpalle M.Veerappa Ward member 9494425548
TEKMAL Bodmatpalle P.Bethamma Ward member 9502869375
TEKMAL Dhannaram Manne Vasantha Sarpanch 9701828351
TEKMAL Dhannaram Begari kistaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9652077690
TEKMAL Dhannaram B.Nagaraju Ward member 9572838374
TEKMAL Dhannaram B.Ragupathi Ward member 9502299110
TEKMAL Dhannaram B.Rojamma Ward member 9502299224
TEKMAL Dhannaram CH.Ramulu Ward member 9701901554
TEKMAL Dhannaram E.Laxmi Ward member 9989289463
TEKMAL Dhannaram K.Srishylam Ward member 9502311223
TEKMAL Dhannaram R.Deevana Ward member 8374773834
TEKMAL Dhannaram V.Jyothi Ward member 9893844736
TEKMAL Dhannaram Y.Arjun Ward member 9959746737
TEKMAL Dudaipalle K.Laxmi Sarpanch 8500863054
TEKMAL Dudaipalle P.Mallamma Upa-Sarpanch 9550436001
TEKMAL Dudaipalle G.Shanthi Ward member 9951829271
TEKMAL Dudaipalle K.Nirmala Ward member 7702422731
TEKMAL Dudaipalle L.Srinivas Ward member 7893844597
TEKMAL Dudaipalle M.Kistaiah Ward member 9704784620
TEKMAL Dudaipalle N.Sudhakar Ward member 9553580227
TEKMAL Dudaipalle P.Jaisingh Ward member 9908059052
TEKMAL Dudaipalle P.Rukimini Ward member 9959015154
TEKMAL Kadloor P.Yadaiah Sarpanch 9492913647
TEKMAL Kadloor N.Kishan Upa-Sarpanch 8978972764
TEKMAL Kadloor B.Sathyamma Ward member 9492913647
TEKMAL Kadloor G.Durgaiah Ward member 9505650770
TEKMAL Kadloor K.Lingamma Ward member 9948238655
TEKMAL Kadloor K.Tamini Bhai Ward member 8374423290
TEKMAL Kadloor M.Pomya Nayak Ward member 9640368232
TEKMAL Kadloor N.Chandra Kala Ward member 9492913647
TEKMAL Kadloor N.sailu Ward member 9177098913
TEKMAL Kadloor N.Sandhya Rani Ward member 9010001525
TEKMAL Kadloor P.Balaiah Ward member 9959093530
TEKMAL Korampalle K.Sathyamma Sarpanch 9490095179
TEKMAL Korampalle N.Chadraiah Upa-Sarpanch 9704063414
TEKMAL Korampalle D.Sukritha Ward member 9010597682
TEKMAL Korampalle E.Padma Ward member 9908993639
TEKMAL Korampalle K.Anjaiah Ward member 9502255881
TEKMAL Korampalle K.Bagamma Ward member 9849314054
TEKMAL Korampalle N.Gangaram Ward member 8966379146
TEKMAL Korampalle N.Ramulu Ward member 9000106379
TEKMAL Korampalle T.Budemma Ward member 9177075332
TEKMAL Korampalle Y.Agamma Ward member 7702413947
TEKMAL Korampalle Y.Mallesham Ward member 9666503798
TEKMAL Kusangi M.Mogilireddy Sarpanch 9989649195
TEKMAL Kusangi P.Narayana goud Upa-Sarpanch 9963322715
TEKMAL Kusangi B.Durgaiah Ward member 9989649165
TEKMAL Kusangi Ch.Chennamma Ward member 9440305478
TEKMAL Kusangi E.Venkatamma Ward member 8106094005
TEKMAL Kusangi M.Kistamma Ward member 9705994416
TEKMAL Kusangi Molla Shariphabi Ward member 9849858857
TEKMAL Kusangi P.Kistaiah Ward member 9640641829
TEKMAL Kusangi P..KrishnaveniKrishnaveni Ward member 9542390804
TEKMAL Kusangi P.Mogulaiah Ward member 9959368468
TEKMAL Kusangi T.Adivaiah Ward member 9440308299
TEKMAL Palvancha Erukala Manemma Sarpanch 9989010462
TEKMAL Palvancha Naikoti sailu Upa-Sarpanch 9959034212
TEKMAL Palvancha Annaram mogulaiah Ward member 7893942996
TEKMAL Palvancha Boini Ramachendar Ward member 9000676658
TEKMAL Palvancha Boini Sathyiah Ward member 9640193551
TEKMAL Palvancha Dubagalla Yadamma Ward member 9701562719
TEKMAL Palvancha Golla Gangamma Ward member 9440539856
TEKMAL Palvancha Lambadi Rajamani Ward member 9295753275
TEKMAL Palvancha Minpoori Mogilamma Ward member 9603880599
TEKMAL Palvancha Puli Durgamma Ward member 9989649273
TEKMAL Palvancha Sardhana Esaiah Ward member 9177113846
TEKMAL Surampalle H.Padma Sarpanch 9661942411
TEKMAL Surampalle T.balamani Upa-Sarpanch 9640452194
TEKMAL Surampalle Durgamma Ward member 8374375573
TEKMAL Surampalle G.Venkaiah Ward member 9504876995
TEKMAL Surampalle H.Pochamma Ward member 9959034692
TEKMAL Surampalle J.Anjamma Ward member 9493764557
TEKMAL Surampalle J.Narayana Ward member 9949546232
TEKMAL Surampalle Manemma Ward member 9676346308
TEKMAL Surampalle Sayamma Ward member 9701564605
TEKMAL Tamploor Konda Sangeetha Sarpanch 9505339065
TEKMAL Tamploor Kalali Ramagoud Upa-Sarpanch 8374482098
TEKMAL Tamploor Bandari Papamma Ward member 9542711504
TEKMAL Tamploor Gajaboina Manemma Ward member 9177323934
TEKMAL Tamploor Gajaraboina Thuljamma Ward member 9701821008
TEKMAL Tamploor Kanegalla Balamani Ward member 9618689246
TEKMAL Tamploor Konda Manaiah Ward member 9948296073
TEKMAL Tamploor Pelangari Indhira Ward member 9963402456
TEKMAL Tamploor Poleboina Shankaramma Ward member 9533828036
TEKMAL Tamploor Sarvar Sangaiah Ward member 9177219311
TEKMAL Tamploor Sayeed Razaak Ward member 9705582629
TEKMAL Tekmal Bakthula Varalaxmi Sarpanch 7893289923
TEKMAL Tekmal Challa Sangamesh Upa-Sarpanch 9989672856
TEKMAL Tekmal Begari Suguna Ward member 9652172729
TEKMAL Tekmal Erolla Ramesh Ward member 9908824827
TEKMAL Tekmal Erupula Yadhaiah Ward member 9963204818
TEKMAL Tekmal Fareen Begum Ward member 9490091367
TEKMAL Tekmal Koilakonda Devamani Ward member 7893289923
TEKMAL Tekmal Mangali Kamsamma Ward member 9704196121
TEKMAL Tekmal Mangali Shiva mallaiah Ward member 9989671763
TEKMAL Tekmal Masrth Begam Ward member 7893289923
TEKMAL Tekmal nila Anusuja Ward member 9963304973
TEKMAL Tekmal Nirudi Shanthamma Ward member 9705785441
TEKMAL Tekmal Songa Chinna Narsimlu Ward member 9000291526
TEKMAL Tekmal subedhar Suresh Ward member 9000656386
TEKMAL Tekmal Venkatapuram Prabakar Goud Ward member 8106238986
TEKMAL Venkatapur Uppari Durgamma Sarpanch 8184912740
TEKMAL Venkatapur Kurma MOgulaiah Upa-Sarpanch 8106540070
TEKMAL Venkatapur Devasoth Puri Ward member 9963276991
TEKMAL Venkatapur Golla Kasamma Ward member 9652131963
TEKMAL Venkatapur Kall Mogulamma Ward member 8978721307
TEKMAL Venkatapur Kunsoth Santhosh Ward member 9177323899
TEKMAL Venkatapur Patloth Raji Ward member 8466897154
TEKMAL Venkatapur Patloth Valya Ward member 7702103732
TEKMAL Venkatapur Yellampalli Somaiah Ward member 8106857526
TEKMAL Venkatapur Yellampalli Yadaiah Ward member 9573390631
TEKMAL Venkatapur Yerukala Laxmi Ward member 8106743315
TEKMAL Yelkurthi Goundla Mogula Goud Sarpanch 9502752097
TEKMAL Yelkurthi D.Shamshoddin Upa-Sarpanch 8374679376
TEKMAL Yelkurthi B.Gopal Ward member 9492827851
TEKMAL Yelkurthi CH.Papamma Ward member 9963733878
TEKMAL Yelkurthi D.Kaleem Ward member 9177249376
TEKMAL Yelkurthi G.Mallamma Ward member 9177029022
TEKMAL Yelkurthi G.Sayamma Ward member 9704154490
TEKMAL Yelkurthi M.Pochamma Ward member 9701225583
TEKMAL Yelkurthi T.Lacchib Reddy Ward member 9989649830
TEKMAL Yelkurthi V.Yadamma Ward member 9493837437
TEKMAL Yelkurthi Y.Boomamma Ward member 9542711851
TEKMAL Yellampalle Palvancha Ramulu Sarpanch 9908185081
TEKMAL Yellampalle chatragiri Ramesh Upa-Sarpanch 9440340812
TEKMAL Yellampalle Banvath Laxmi Ward member 9441490547
TEKMAL Yellampalle Banvath Shankar Ward member 8374679852
TEKMAL Yellampalle Chawon Suguna Ward member 9704300389
TEKMAL Yellampalle Devasah Chandhu Ward member 9676020063
TEKMAL Yellampalle Japla Shanthi Ward member 9573588115
TEKMAL Yellampalle Kodi Manemma Ward member 8008836890
TEKMAL Yellampalle Sandru Lingamma Ward member 8985302231
TEKMAL Yellampalle Sandru Nagaiah Ward member 9618405817
TEKMAL Yellampalle Uppari Suresh Ward member 9701564917
TEKMAL Yellupet Srinivas Reddy Sarpanch 9908897007
TEKMAL Yellupet V.Poori Upa-Sarpanch 9704370759
TEKMAL Yellupet B.Laxmaiah Ward member 9652074375
TEKMAL Yellupet B.Muthyali Ward member 9000348044
TEKMAL Yellupet CH.Sangamma Ward member 9502584579
TEKMAL Yellupet K.Janardhan Ward member 8106096845
TEKMAL Yellupet K..Narsamma Ward member 9652396045
TEKMAL Yellupet K.Shanthamma Ward member 8008954494
TEKMAL Yellupet M.Laxman Ward member 9989085083
TEKMAL Yellupet M.Mangli Ward member 8179137129
TEKMAL Yellupet M.Ramulu Ward member 8897042892
TEKMAL Yellupet P.Surendar Ward member 7702943665
TEKMAL Yellupet R.Kishan Ward member 9000653565
TEKMAL Yelupugonda Gandham Paulu Sarpanch 9849699970
TEKMAL Yelupugonda Rathla Ruplee Upa-Sarpanch 9618378008
TEKMAL Yelupugonda Chakali Devamma Ward member 8978462114
TEKMAL Yelupugonda D.Krishnamurthi Ward member 9989875902
TEKMAL Yelupugonda D.Venkata Ramulu Ward member 8374388298
TEKMAL Yelupugonda Kalali Lachamma Ward member 9000912795
TEKMAL Yelupugonda Konda Anandam Ward member 9949666580
TEKMAL Yelupugonda M.Ramulu Ward member 9949550727
TEKMAL Yelupugonda Nirudi Manemma Ward member 7702923682
TEKMAL Yelupugonda R.Chandi Ward member 9491232479
TEKMAL Yelupugonda R.Laxmi Ward member 9849699970
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